What is an “Aventure,” and why would I want one?

An aventure, in the medieval sense, isn’t something you can go looking for.  It’s not the same thing as an “adventure,” though that is what the word became, later.  An aventure appears from out of another world.  An aventure comes by, and if you notice it, you can take it, and then it will change your life.  And though a large aventure inevitably requires courage and energy, it will be, at the least, an  interesting opportunity to grow and change. 

It’s especially nice when aventures come by when we’re feeling stuck in our routine, or when we need to make a choice but we’re not sure which one to make, or we know very well that something needs to change but we don’t know quite what that is, or what it would look like.

But if we can’t go looking for aventures, how do we find them?

We notice them, as they come into view.

Sometimes this is very easy.  If we’re sitting around with our buddies, and a shiny chalice wafts through the air followed by angels, then hey!  It’s the Holy Grail!  Very easy to notice.  Or say we’re having dinner, and all of a sudden a giant green man comes in and demands that one of us cut his head off.  There you go!  Aventure!  Definitely.  Or our wife gets dragged off by the faeries, to be used as interior décor.  A double aventure!  She gets one, and we do, too!  (The guy we leave behind to take care of the kingdom whilst we are off on the aventures has been given one, too, though his is more prosaic.)

Usually, these days, aventure is not so dramatic.  But it still exists, and if we’re open to it, it can be obvious.  Maybe we get a letter in the mail offering a course, or a job, or a retirement package that would give us the opportunity to go in a new direction we’ve been pining for.  Or we get a call from an old friend we haven’t heard from in years, with an invitation that pulls us.  Or we’re talking with someone, and they mention an opportunity we hadn’t known existed.  Or we go someplace for the weekend to visit a friend, and someone we’ve just met offers us a job at a coffee shop, and we take it, and we don’t look back.

For those of us interested in learning the art of “taking the aventure,” there are five aspects of the art:

  • Remembering Aventures (it’s good to be reminded that we’ve actually been taking aventures all our lives)
  • Noticing the Aventure  (we need to be in the state of mind and spirit that allows us to see the aventure, especially since we’re not actually living in a medieval romance)
  • Evaluating the Aventure (some things we THINK are aventures are actually windmills and sheep, rather than giants and knights)
  • Taking the Aventure (after using our spirits and our brains, we use our hearts, as large aventures require courage)
  • Living  the Aventure (finally, we need to live our real lives, which will have been altered by our journey)

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