Tools of Magic for Dissertation Writers



Oh, academia! 


If you’ve come so far in academia that you’re working on a dissertation, you know how exciting it is to find a research topic that’s truly yours.

 You know how to use the research tools, old and new, available to you through your university library and the internet; you know how to go to lectures, and network with professors. 

And if your department is taking good care of you, it’s providing workshops on publishing, and interviewing, and you’ve got a dissertation director who is providing you with, well, scholastic direction.

Maybe you’ve even taken some workshops in time management. Yet even with all that…

  Most of the doctoral students I have known have struggled with a lack of confidence, with feeling like a fraud. If this is true for you, a dissertation is almost impossible to write.  And when you do eke something out, it’s hard to tell if it’s brilliant or mediocre. 

With the shorter time frames that universities allow for degree completion these days, you can find yourself headed towards permanent ABD status, with all the frustration of almost being done, but never completing the degree.

If you’re struggling with any of this, you’re unfortunately not alone.

 You’re not the only one who has stayed up late at night (or even all night!) to get a draft done because you promised to show it to a reader the next day.  You’re not the only one to get seduced by the lure of surfing the net at precisely the time you vowed you’d be writing.  You’re not the only one to wonder when people will discover you to be the fraud you secretly suspect you are.

As a former professor with 22 years of experience, who has guided many a doctoral student through the dissertation process, I can tell you that the vast majority of students struggle in these ways.

And yet, it doesn’t have to be this way!

Having recently retired from academia, I’ve decided to turn some of my attention to this problem, and I’ve created this tidy little course called:

Tools of Magic for Dissertation Writers

If you’re struggling with your academic writing, never mind struggling to enjoy the rest of your glorious life while completing your dissertation, this course will give you a fresh new (and highly effective!) way to write, work, and live.

Here’s what this course provides: Simple magical tools that you can use to reframe your work.  You won’t become a magical adept, but you’ll learn how to structure your academic writing as a simple magical practice.  This means that you will write more easily, more confidently, and even with more enjoyment. You’ll also have a different conception of yourself as a writer and as an academic, which will help greatly with that pesky “feeling like a fraud” problem, which is endemic to academia.  Besides which, you will have had the interesting experience of learning something about magic.

Here’s how we’ll do it, in four lessons:

 1) Magical Tools for Writing will help you begin create a foundation of balance and solidity, by incorporating simple exercises into your writing practice that focus your attention fully and sanely.  You’ll create new relationships with your beloved computer, pens, pencils, paper — and a new relationship with the mind, body, and spirit you bring to the work.

2) Rituals for Writing will allow you to invent and ingrain a workable structure for getting your writing done, first by examining the rituals for writing (and NOT writing) that you already use, and then by tweaking them until they are useful and comfortable.

3) Magical Scheduling will give you time management tools that resonate with your own internal scheduling, by allowing the less vocal pieces of your mind to communicate with the bossier pieces that have probably been running everything, and by paying attention to the rhythms of the sun, the moon, and your own body.

4) Magical Allies will help you built confidence through relationships with seen and unseen allies, allowing you to structure new stories for who you are, what you are working on, and how you do it.  As an added bonus, I’ll give you an Archetypes quiz, to help you in crafting a story you can walk through in confidence, understanding how it is that you yourself work most effectively.

The price for this course is $50. Click here to sign up. (I do keep a percentage of my courses for sliding scale; if this is appropriate for you, please email me at

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