Online Course in Taking the Aventure

For those of you who’d like to explore using the medieval concept of “aventure” in your daily lives, a self-paced online course in “Taking the Aventure” is available.

You are a potential student if:

  • You think you’ve already been going on a lot of aventures, without knowing it, and would like more conscious control of them
  • You’re interested in the idea of aventure, and wondering how it plays out in your own life
  • You’ve been feeling stuck, and would like to enliven your life and your choices
  • You’ve been feeling a little disconnected from your spiritual foundations and want to reconnect

If you’d like a brief guide to dealing with aventures in daily life, you are welcome to download this Guide to Aventure.



Registration for this class is ongoing.  Once you register, you can start the class immediately.  There will be five (5) class modules, which you may work through at your own rate.  They will include guided meditations and exercises.  You will be able to consult with me through the class on email, and will have the opportunity to schedule a private coaching session at a reduced rate, if you desire.