The best way to contact me is through the email:


If we have already met (in person, through email, or over the net in various ways) and you need to talk to me, the best way to set up a time to talk is through my TimeTrade account.  This is because TimeTrade, in its great wisdom, is able to actually tell what time zone you are in, and how far away from my time zone it is, and give you my available times, and then set up your appointment in my calendar in my time zone, and if you leave it to me to figure out when we are meeting, well, I’ll probably call you at 4:00 AM and it’ll be too bad, but I warned you.

For 30 minute phone calls (or Skype; I do that too), press this button:

 Check my availability


For hour long phone calls, press this button:
 Check my availability