About Anne Brannen

Anne Brannen

I have been a lifelong devotee of the medieval art of aventure,* long before I knew the name for it.  A flyer fell out of a gym locker I opened, and led me to classes that changed my life.  A chance conversation sent me to a program that gave me new skills, and a new business.  An unexpected offer came in the mail right after I said I intended to change my life, and I resigned a tenured position as a professor (a job I loved) in order to start a new life.

The new life is situated in Albuquerque, where I live with my wife — a lawyer!  she works for justice! — and a menagerie that includes, at the moment, two Cardigan Corgis, a Maine Coon cat, a Black and White cat, four parakeets, two parrots (one Eclectus and one Amazon), and whatever wild birds are hanging around outside; this last usually includes roadrunners, thrashers, rock doves, mourning doves, and desert finches.

My poetry has appeared in such venues as New Mexican Poetry Review, Literary Mama, Fickle Muses, and Cabinet de Fées.  My first chapbook, Finishing the Milky Way, published by Monk Court Press, is now available.  My essay, “Agents of Death,” concerning my executioner great-grandfather, appeared in Issue #57 of Creative Nonfiction. From 2003 to 2007, I wrote the beloved knitting and humor blog, “Creating Text(iles).” From around 1984 to 1990, I wrote the humor column “Hannah’s Household Hints,” under the name Pandora O’Mallory, for the Reclaiming Newsletter.

These days I spend my time attempting to master watercolor, and exploring the connections between True Crime and the Middle Ages. There are a lot.

*Aventure is not adventure, not quite, though that’s where we got our word.  It’s more the art of noticing that the Otherworld has entered into this one, and following it where it leads.