Urban Sketchers Downtown

The Albuquerque Urban Sketchers went to the Civic Center this morning.  All the surrounding buildings are straight lines, straight lines, straight lines, vertical, horizontal.  Some of us found people, or sculptures, or clocks to draw.  If the pictures aren’t up now, they will be soon.

I myself found a taco truck, among straight lines, straight lines, straight lines:

I’ve been downtown with the Urban Sketchers twice now, and both times I’ve had the most interesting conversation with homeless people; instead of walking by them, I’m sitting still, drawing or painting, and they walk by me.  And so I’m available for conversations about painting supplies and drawing techniques.  I’m just another piece of the interesting day.  It’s a wonderful day, I said to a man who came up to talk to me today.  Any day above ground is a wonderful day, he said.

True, that.