The Rail Runner: Yes and No

For the last couple of months Laura has been working at an internship up in Santa Fe, for a law firm that gives her nice lunches and treats her very well.  It’s a lovely job.

But it entails commuting from Albuquerque — that’s an hour drive each way. 

So it’s LOVELY that there’s an express rail service from Albuquerque to Santa Fe!  The Rail Runner goes in between the two cities, and it doesn’t do anything else, except stop places in between, like Sandia Pueblo and Bernalillo.  This is AWESOME!

Well, not so much.  Laura figured it out, that instead of taking two hours of her day on commuting door to door, the Rail Runner would, alas, take 4.  Cause there’s the parking, and the driving to and fro the railway station, and the shuttling around, and whatever.

But this is a sad thing.  Cause for ONLY 9 DOLLARS (round trip or one way; I find this odd), you can get on the more or less express train (except for the stopping at Sandia Pueblo and Bernalillo and the like), and sit comfortably and watch the scenery.

I’m thinking I’ll take the train some day soon, just for the meditation opportunity.

And getting to hear the doors go “beep-beep” like the cartoon Roadrunner does, when they open and close.