Post-Holiday Errands

So there was December, and I was ill and all, and there were holidays, and it was busy, and what with one thing and all a Bunch Of Stuff did not get done.

And now it’s the new year!  Hooray!  So I ran errands.

First there was the last of the Christmas gifts to mail off — late, yes.  Yes.  But now they are in the mail.  And then I had to buy stamps.  And some were all celebratory.  That was lovely.

Then there was the drugstore, because the medicine that makes me well had to be bought.  The doctor had given me samples, to see if it works, which it does — hence me typing right now, as well as breathing and all — and so she’d prescribed it, and we needed to see if the insurance would cover it.  Which it won’t, until cheaper meds have failed.  Which they had — witness the being ill all December.

And yay!  The insurance was indeed covering it!  So I only had a copayment!  Which was $85!  But!  If I’d had to pay the whole thing it would have been $900!  Because we live in Stupid Land.

Well, so that was great, the saving more than $800 part.

Then I went on over to the JoAnn Fabric store, so that I could buy some fleece to make a winter scarf, cause I have one and I like it, but it’s printed with teddy bears, and I really don’t feel like wearing it anymore.  So I found fleece, and I found excellent remnants such as can be used for doll clothes, and so that was some more money.

And then I went on over to the Lush store cause I had run out of bath bombs, and I couldn’t go in December because even though it’s easy to get to the Lush, it’s impossible to park most of the time, and December is Very Bad.  Lush is over is some ritzy part of town, along with Williams Sonoma and Anthropologie and stuff like that.  They pipe in alternative rock.  There is no parking.

But!  There was today! Which was great!

Except for the part wherein Lush had run out of bath bombs and the next shipment wasn’t in yet.

But!  It’s ok!  It’s possible to buy collections of bath bombs, wrapped as gifts! 

So.  That was more money.  I was going to maybe stop by the Cost Plus to get candy and treats to send to The Son Away At College, but I didn’t feel like pulling my wallet out any more.

So he won’t be getting a box for a few weeks.

Unless I send him some of the bath bombs…..