Let’s All Ask Ourselves: Does This Actually Fit In My Truck?

One of the things we’ve noticed, now that we live in Albuquerque, is that it’s apparently the custom here to stack all sorts of items in the back of your pickup truck, neglect to tie them down — or, conversely, tie them down but only just a little bit, on one corner — and then drive off.  On the freeway.

I’m sure that people all over the world do this occasionally, but we’ve never seen so many of them do it, so often.

The first week we were here, Laura narrowly escaped Sure Death from a kitchen countertop which was merrily travelling down the road, in the back of a pick up truck, untied, which sailed off the truck and shattered on the freeway one lane over.

That was exciting.

And it was just the first week, so we thought it an anomaly.  Not so!  We see this all the time.  Sometimes things are sailing through the air, sometimes they just look like they about to sail through the air.

Either way, I’ve steering clear of loaded up pick up trucks.  The other day I was stuck behind a refrigerator sliding around in the back of the pick up truck in front of me.  I went away from there.

But I have figured out the rules for transporting important crap, like refrigerators and kitchen counter tops and loads of wood:

1) Are you able, in reality, to pile this stuff up in the back of your truck?  If anything falls off the pile, you may keep it, provided you can get it to stay still someplace else. Otherwise, no!  It doesn’t fit! Wait, who am I kidding.  Of course it fits. Try again.

2) Excellent!  Get in the truck and start your engine!

3) Here’s the freeway entrance!  Let’s go!

4) If anything falls off the truck and shatters, keep driving.  It no longer exists. 

This is one of the ways we know we are in the Wild West.