Teddy Comes Home


Above you see a row of bears, including Teddy, who has returned safely from his surgery in England.  From the left, that’s the Harrod’s 2000 Millennium Bear, Teddy the World Traveler, French Bear (with his charming red beret), and Black Bear, who has landed here after having lived for many years on his own.  Teddy looks very small amongst the other bears.  Odd, that he’s always seemed so large to me.

So that’s the end of his saga, and the beginning of this new stage in his life, where he gets to be the elder statesman in amongst the young bears.

And the précis of his story:

Here he is In Really Bad Shape, before his trip to England:


His problem was that he was a 55 year old English bear made out of sheepskin, and sheepskin becomes brittle with age and falls apart.  There are many fine bear hospitals in the world, but I could only find one that was willing to work on an old sheepskin bear, the Teddy Bear Hospital at Alice’s Bear Shop, in Lyme Regis.  So Teddy got shipped off to Dr. Dave, who fixed him up.  Here he is in his hospital bed, recuperating from his operation:

teddy sheepskin in bed

That’s the way they take care of old, falling apart bears at Alice’s Bear Shop.  They not only fix your bear, they also send you pictures of him before they pack him back in his box and ship him home.  They also sell new and old bears, and kits for making bears.  And they regularly post on Facebook about their newly stitched up bears, and other sorts of news, such as when little customers lose bears and stuffed animals, or such little stuffed beings get found and need their owners.

So.  I say, Alice’s Bear Shop, for all your stuffed animal needs.  Next time I’m in Dorset I’m definitely stopping by.


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