Meeting Spiritual People

Oh, joy!  Today, in blogging boot camp, we’re blogging about Meeting Spiritual People, and Do We Have Advice.

Yes.  Yes, I do.

My advice is specifically for those times when you are meeting spiritual people by inviting a bunch of them over to your house.  For I have experience with this.

1) When having spiritual people over for tea, it is important to have a choice of teas available, some herbal and some with a whole lot of caffeine.  I recommend either Yorkshire Gold, or Brodies Famous Edinburgh.  With milk and demerara sugar.  Also, be sure to have some cunning little cookies on hand, carefully picked out in accordance with the season. Like, little tiny gingerbread people when it’s Lughnasadh.  If it’s too hot outside to make a bonfire to throw the leftover cookies in, you can just put them in the toaster oven.  Be sure to take the batteries out of the smoke detector first.

2) It is also important to always be ready for a variety of conversations, from when is the next prayer/meditation/healing circle for the current political/personal dreadfulness, to exactly which foods are currently edible and inedible.

3) Speaking of which, when you make the cookies I mentioned in point 1, be sure that all of their ingredients are, in fact, edible by all the spiritual people you invited over.  Best to have them send you food lists in advance.  Just saying.

4) Turn off the wifi.  Just shut it down.  I cannot impress this upon you enough.  The last time I had the spiritual people over, they not only blew out our router — twice — then then went down to the corner café — in search of wifi — and blew out the router down there, too.  And they weren’t doing anything but having conversations.  Lord help you if they actually decide to do some real work.

5) Speaking of which, if indeed real work gets done (as for instance any prayer/meditation/healing circles for the current political/personal dreadfulness), do not expect that all your animals are going to be happy about this.  Most, yes.  Lots of dogs love energetic circles.  Lots of cats.  I used to have a cat who would come and sit in the circle just as if he were human.  But if they are lying under the bed, leave them be.  Everybody gets to have their own boundaries.

6) Later, you are going to find things around the house that are not yours.  They are now.  Also, some of your own stuff will be — not gone, no — transmogrified.  In ways you aren’t even sure about.  Like, was the handle of that knife really that color?  Really?  Just accept these things.  Move on.

7) Lastly, feel free to make your own relationships with all the denizens of the spirit worlds that the spiritual people invited in, if indeed they forgot to disinvite them.  See point 5 above.  If you find yourself lying under the bed with the dogs and cats, it is definitely time to say goodbye to some of the spirits.  If there are any of the little cookies left, you can just leave them on the front porch, as a kind of farewell offering.  But be sure to say that “farewell” part.  Otherwise things are going to remain confused.


8 Replies on “Meeting Spiritual People

  1. I love this! Are you in the US? Did you say Yorkshire Tea? If that’s a yes and a yes, then I send you a special English hug. I have both decaff and caffeinated Yorkshire Tea always available! The post really entertained me. I would add have plenty of tissues, but that might just reflect the kind of spiritual people I tend to rub shoulders with. Lots of spiritual people love animals, and some of them who are a bit nervous of dogs go through a bit of a transformation when Alfie (large Golden Retriever) gives them a cuddle and they realise they are not afraid of him. He’s good at respecting boundaries when people are meditating but he likes to spend a good few minutes getting to know people first! Thank you!

    1. Thank you! I’m American, and I love Yorkshire Gold — I learned to drink tea from an English ex-pat, a war bride who was my grandmother’s best friend — so. Milk and demerara sugar. And then later, all my research trips in England solidified the habit!