What Breaking Bad Missed

Yeah, yeah, you all already saw all of Breaking Bad, like, when it was actually running.  But my method of watching tv shows is mostly to wait until they are over, and then watch Netflix streaming while I’m working.  Late to the party, whatever. And so I am watching it now.

So. It’s of course excellent, hence all the prizes, and I’m enjoying the excellent script, and the excellent acting, and the excellent moral dilemmas, etc, etc.  You don’t need anything from me on that.

And I do certainly enjoy watching Albuquerque, which works well as a minor character — sort of like the wagon in Mother Courage — and certainly Albuquerque is recognizable and pretty true — look!  the Sandias! the cacti! the endless desert within which one can bury stuff! the mind-numbing and endless architecture of the Northeast Heights! — BUT there are some things which are glaringly and obviously missing.  Maybe they show up in the later segments.  I’m not holding my breath. 

For instance.  Where are the goatheads?  There is no human living in Albuquerque who is not familiar with the d***d and ubiquitous goatheads.  Every day of my childhood, I was pulling them out of my shoes.  Every day of my dogs’ life, I am pulling them out of their feet.  During all that time that Breaking Bad was running, did NOBODY ever step on a goathead?  Really?

Also.  The balloons.  Where are they?  Sure, sure, the balloon festival is in October, and maybe everybody on the show was too busy to notice them then — although they take up the entire sky — but they are out there every morning.  And I haven’t seen any on this show yet.

Also.  The students.  This is a college town.  Where are the students?  Cause I’m having trouble just driving down the street, now that the university’s in session, on account of all the students crossing the street without waiting for the light.  Just sayin’.  Breaking Bad should, by rights, have run over several of them by mistake already.

There’s more, but I’ll finish with the green chile.  Nobody on the show is obsessed with green chile.  This. Makes. No. Sense.  We should be listening to MANY conversations about green chile, and whether or not you should buy Hatch or Tierra Amarilla.  Because this is Albuquerque.  We are ALL about the green chile.

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  1. Yes, I think some goat head green chile stew should have been featured in one of those restaurant scenes along Central Ave.