Morning Dog Walk and Balloons

I took a picture this morning of one of the views on our morning dog walk, which follows the perimeter of the UNM North Golf Course, but I’m not happy with it.  I may try again later.  What I wanted you to see was the vista from the western edge of the course, looking out over the city of Albuquerque, with the balloons in the background.

Because every morning there are hot air balloons in the sky.

The first morning I was here I went out to sit in the courtyard and drink my tea, and there were hot air balloons flying overhead.  Now, when we walk the dogs, we see them at the beginning of the walk — that’s about 7:00 AM — but by 8:00 AM, when we’re done, they are gone.

That’s because the air starts heating up.  We’re in high desert, and it’s cool in the early morning, but it’s very hot by noon.  Windy days are bad for flying, too.

So, the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta is held in the fall, when the temperatures are cooler and the high winds of the spring, and the summer monsoons, are over, but the snow hasn’t started.

It’s a good time to visit, though the hotels fill up.  It will be quite a sight, though, and since I live here, I get a seat.  In the courtyard.

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4 Replies on “Morning Dog Walk and Balloons

  1. When I lived in Calgary, in the summer, there would be lots of balloons sailing over our house. The sound of the hot air blowing into the balloons would make my dog insane with fear. Barking running in circles, whining, generally going crazy. I would have to take her to the basement until they passed.

  2. Oh, we are so hoping that the dogs are ok with the balloons in October. They seemed not to worry about the ones that went overhead last month.

  3. Ciao! Great post. Can I publish some of your blog’s pictures on my blog? With a backlink to your blog of course 🙂 Thanks Audrey, Whistler