Road Trip. With Circus.

I’m in Oklahoma City now, resting from the second day of traveling with two cats and two birds.  We’ll be in Albuquerque tomorrow afternoon.  In the meantime, the cats are resting in their crates (they chose that; I thought they’d rather have some space, but no) and the birds are sleeping.

And I am writing a blog on my iPad, in which I will share with you some things I have thought up, whilst driving across a big ol’ hunk of America:

1) In between Pittsburgh and Oklahoma City, which is all I can speak for at the moment, you may at any given time choose between at least two Christian radio stations and two country radio stations.  At least on FM.  Can’t tell you anything about the AM choices.  Also, there is always one classic rock.  Oh!  But in Indianapolis there is an excellent “new rock” station which, for the couple of hours I could get it, played nothing that my son, who is my personal DJ, hadn’t put on my iPod.  It’s because of all the classic rock stations, however, that I know that the budgies LOVE the guitar solo from “Don’t Stop Believing.”  This does not cause me to think better of the song.  It does, however, cause me to question the taste of the budgies.  

2) Illinois looks much like Indiana, which looks much like Ohio, which looks much like Western Pennsylvania.  I blame the glacier.

3) If I hadn’t had the animals with me, there are many places I could have stopped, and would have, too. Lots of places Lincoln visited.  Also Mark Twain.  Also Will Rogers.  And!  A vacuum cleaner museum!

4) In addition, the Ozarks are riddled with lovely and interesting caves, all of which sell ice cream, and one of which Jesse James hid out in.  Whether or not he was fed ice cream, I do not know.  However, he did wear a fetching bandanna as a disguise.  I know this on account of the billboards.

5) Speaking of billboards, America, you need to tone it down.  For instance.  The Precious Moments Chapel is NOT “the Sistine Chapel of America.”  Just.  Not.

6)Lastly, toll booths on an interstate?  Really, Oklahoma, really?  Though on the other hand I really appreciated that 75 mph speed limit.