Just Say No to the Book Bed. No, Wait. Say Maybe.

Look!  Something to do with your extra books!

Book Bed

The photo’s from Barbara Dunbar, discussing the joys of Anthropologie.

Now, this is an Anthropologie display.  I don’t think we’re meant to try this at home.  But the piece is worth thinking about.  My own thought process: 1) Oh, here’s something to do with all those books that I couldn’t get a good price for over at Half-Price Books.  2)  This is going to be a real pain to dust.  3)  How do you keep all these stacks straight; wouldn’t they shift easily and fall all to hell and back? 4) Desecration!  Not to do to books! 5)  But what if I want to read one?

And then, 6) Well, if I really want to read one of the paperbacks that I was getting rid of, I’ll download it onto the Kindle App.

We’re in a paradigm shift again.  We’re keeping our books, lots of them.  But they don’t physically mean what they used to.  Even for a lot of us who have adored hard copy for decades.

Nevertheless.  I’m not convinced they’re a decent building material.