Oh, Logistics.

We spent about an hour this morning discussing the issue of lamps. 

In order to make it safely to ABQ, the lamps need to be packed.  All of them need to have their bulbs removed and their shades packed separately; in the case of the floor lamps, I gather we don’t pack the long stems upon which the shades have rested.  Maybe we tape the cords to the poles, I dunno.

We started gathering all the floor lamps in the living room, though; for some reason, though all the rest of the activities haven’t bothered the dogs, this made them very uneasy.

If it weren’t raining, I think I’d go make sure that the bird cage and the cat carriers fit in the back seat of my car and can be safely belted in. 

Also under discussion:  Which toiletries are needed for the road, and which can get packed through.  What bedding we need here, what bedding we need to take in the car to ABQ, what bedding can be packed through, and what bedding is just plain being given away. What food we need in order to live in the denuded home after the movers take all our stuff but before we leave. How much cat food I need to take, and how much dog food Laura needs to take.  What exactly can safely be packed in the large but soft sided suitcases and what can not.  Brooms and mops: where are they, and are there any in the new house.  Blow dryers: who takes which.  Boxes: do we need some more.

Yes, actually, we do.

The lamps, though.  That’s an issue.  All my lamps are now out of my working room.  This is serious.  

No wonder the dogs are perturbed.

3 Replies on “Oh, Logistics.

  1. I sort of took a Darwinian approach during our move…if it couldn’t survive with reasonable packing, then it didn’t deserve to make it into the new house. The movers helped with this, as an entire box of kitchen supplies evaporated between Pgh and MD.

  2. I’m impressed. I consider myself fairly ruthless, but there are a few things that are so special they have each a box to themselves — especially the ancestral hair wreath, which I actually paid UPS 40 bucks to pack up as if it were getting mailed.

    Have you missed any of the kitchen supplies?

    1. From the entire darn box, two items have been annoying to have disappeared: Mark’s super awesome Ben 10 lunchbox and the can opener. They’re the reason I know the box went missing, actually.