Albuquerque Blogs

As the move back home approaches, I’ve been migrating various internet contents over to the new address.  (If you’re connected to me on Facebook, for instance, you might notice that I now live in Albuquerque!  Not really.  Two weeks to go.)

Over on the Links Page, I’ve added a new category, a sampling of Albuquerque Blogs I’m keeping track of.  Scroll down, and you can find such interesting sites as the beautifully written (and illustrated) Albuquerque Bus Stops, Greg in the Desert, who totally keeps track of things, the very sane Unfussy Epicure (hint: don’t go to Taco Bell), and Only in New Mexico, written by a former mayor who still has lots to say about New Mexican politics.  So, go check the roll out.

And now, we’re heading into the dark moon in Taurus.  See you on the other side.