What a Surprise! It’s Snowing Again! In February! In Pittsburgh!

One thing this winter has taught me is that really the best plan is to NOT schedule regular medical exams and procedures in Pittsburgh winters before noon.  So far this winter I have had to cancel and reschedule five appointments.  A couple of these were cancelled from my cell phone whilst I was sitting in traffic; Route 51 becomes a 10 mile long parking lot some mornings.  Sorry!  I can’t make it to my 10:00 AM appointment!  Who knew.

Of course, some mornings are just fine.  So I forget, on those days.  And I reschedule.  For the same time, two weeks later. 

I’ve only been here 22 years.  I’m a quick learner.

I’ve decided that I’m ok with forgetting that winter mornings are iffy for appointments.  I mean, I think it’d be great if I never ended up cancelling for inclement weather, in an area where inclement weather takes up a goodly percentage of the winter months.  But if I forget, that’s ok.  The doctors’ offices, after all, are all planning to be open.  Nobody just says, hey, let’s stay closed until noon.  All winter.  Why not.  That will keep us from being annoyed when everybody cancels on the mornings when we dug our cars out of the ice and drove in to work.

No, the morning appointments are actually not what I’d like to change (though I’m expecting to be making fewer of them in the future). 

What I’d like to change is my attitude when I need to cancel.  I’m so shocked!  And I feel so guilty!  And anxious!

I’d like to work on way more zen.  It’s winter.  It snowed (and/or sleeted, and/or iced up).  I’d like to change my plans.  Thank you.

And then move on to whatever I can comfortably do.

Like, hey. Write the blog.