Pittsburgh Bucket List

We’ve got 349 days left till our Giant Aventure: Let’s Move the Entire Menagerie to Albuquerque, according to the countdown clock.  I think it’s therefore time to figure out what I want to make sure I do in Pittsburgh, either again, or for the first time, before then.  Well before then, really, on account of how much time and energy packing up and getting all the animals into the cars will take.

So.  The Pittsburgh Bucket List so far (please feel free to suggest further items in the comments here or on the Facebook Page link):

That’s the top of the list, off the top of my head.  Any other suggestions?

9 Replies on “Pittsburgh Bucket List

  1. Off the top of my head I think you should go see the buffalo in South Park, just to say “hi”. The aviary and Phipps.

  2. Don’t forget the wonderful little museum of art at the Frick House and, of course, the Phipps Conservatory, all things I miss. Mellon park is one of my favorites. Check it out before you leave, for sure.

  3. Oh, yes, that’s a VERY good suggestion. The buffalo that agreed to be a teaching tool, over at the Natural History museum, is covered by the list. But I forgot the living family!

  4. When you’re visiting the Aviary and the Mattress Factory (I live exactly halfway between the two!), let me know so I can meet you there! And go to Nicky’s Thai Kitchen on Western. Awesome Thai food.

  5. Whee! Let’s definitely set that up. I realized, writing this blog, and getting comments here and on Facebook, that I’m going to need to Actually Plan Things Out, or they won’t happen. And I’m serious. I’ve been here 20 years, and though it hasn’t been and can’t be my true home, it’s a wonderful place and has been very good to me, and I want to celebrate it.

  6. Sounds like quite a happening place, and you get to play tourist at home! Such a fun thing to do.