Paleo Confessions

Never name the well from which you will not drink.  That’s what I say, and I say it a lot.  And yet.  Do I follow my own advice?  No.  No, I do not.

Hence the years I spent saying snarky things about the Paleo Diet, or Paleo Template, or whatever you’re calling it, which seemed to me to be faddish and downright silly.

Ha!  Ha ha!

So now that’s what I’m eating.

I sort of fell into it.  I was lying awake at 4:00 AM one morning, as one does sometimes when one has Restless Leg Syndrome (which we are now calling Willis-Ekbom Disease, so that people will take it more seriously), desperately searching the internet for anything, anything, that would make my legs calm down and allow me to go to sleep, when I ran across somebody swearing that he’d been cured by following an anti-inflammatory diet.

So the next morning I started working on that.  And there were many variations.  And many foods were disallowed, unless somebody else thought they were fine.  And it was totally confusing.

But I was indeed feeling better.

At which point there arrived a book which I have NO recollection of having ordered.  Indeed, I would never have ordered it.  But there it was, and it was all about anti-inflammatory diets, and then some, and I read it, and it made sense, and I started actually going through a Whole 30 myself, and I felt better and better and I lost weight (in my case this was good), and my asthma got LOTS better. And I moved more easily.

The restless leg syndrome, I’m sorry, excuse me, the Willis-Ekbom Disease, has not indeed gotten any better.  But it hasn’t gotten worse, which it was doing, and pretty quickly.  So I have some hope there.

There you are.  Now I eat paleo, which makes it EVEN HARDER to go over to friends’ houses to eat than before, when I just didn’t eat wheat and several other things I’m allergic to.  Now, with no grains, no dairy, no sugar, no legumes, hostesses see me and despair.

And I have cooked some horrible things that the rest of the house would not eat.  A particularly sad “key lime pie,” for instance.  Not.  OK. 

But today I made these paleo snickerdoodles — cause even though I am being very careful about what I eat, sometimes I really want a little treat.  And the whole house loves them.  I recommend them, and I think I’ll go eat one now.  (But they will not work for you if you are allergic to nuts.)

I get meat from grass-fed animals, and eggs from free-range chickens.  I eat fruits and vegetables and nuts.  Sometimes a little bit of honey or maple syrup. 

That’s it.  I have no paleo ideology here.  I don’t care about actually being like a paleo person, although I was made extremely happy to learn that the Neanderthals did not indeed disappear, on account of still being in the DNA of billions of us.  I have asthma, and Willis-Ekbom Disease, and a hell of a lot of allergies, and I need to figure out how to live my life so that I’m as comfortable and healthy as possible, so that I can be of service on this excellent planet.

I never intended to end up eating paleo.  But I’m breathing so much better than I was, feeling so much better than I did.  (And my cholesterol is low, and my blood pressure is low.)

Some of my favorite links, in case you, too, end up eating this way:  NomNom PaleoEveryday Paleo Elena’s PantryCivilized Caveman CookingPaleOMG

Just a start, just a hint of what’s out there.

Be careful about naming that well.