It’s Raining

We woke up this morning to the sound of alarms on all the iPhones, alarming us with the news that we should watch out for the flash floods. EJ said he wouldn’t have minded the alarms if they hadn’t gone off so early. I said that it would be sorta useless to get alarms later, that said, hey! There were some flash floods, but we didn’t want to wake you up! Hope the basement’s ok! You might go check it.

The Facebook feed is all full of status updates from friends that can’t leave their houses in the South Hills cause apparently all the major roads are closed. Which they often are, during heavy rains.

We took the corgis on the dog walk; they just assumed they were back in the Welsh Homeland and trotted home and got toweled off. The cattle dog stayed under the bed, in terror, though she consented to eat her breakfast when we brought it upstairs and pushed it under the bed. I don’t know how she manages to eat it there; there can’t really be room to lift her head up over the food bowl.

Oh, Pittsburgh in the summer!

So, Laura’s in the living room prepping for paint; EJ is reading the Old English version of Boethius; I’m, well, I’m apparently writing the blog.

And Matt Cheuvront came back from the World Domination Summit thinking about how, when we change, especially when we change consciously and with purpose, we redefine what’s normal.

Yes. Yes, we do.

So, it’s raining in Pittsburgh! Let’s bail out the basement if we have to, move the cars in the pouring rain if we have to, towel down the wet dogs if we have to, and love the day. It was a day that rained.

Stay safe, y’all.