Fun With Corgis

You want to know what’s exciting?  I’ll tell you what’s exciting.  Exciting is when you’re on your own, so you need to walk all the dogs yourself, but there are three of them, so you really need to do two dog walks, on account of the extreme stubbornness of Australian Cattle Dogs and Welsh Cardigan Corgis, a trait you like most of the time, but which can be problematic when you’re trying to get them down the street, but the cattle dog is under the bed and won’t come out, since, though it hasn’t rained for days, and isn’t raining now, it might rain within the week, so she’s not going anywhere, so you say to yourself, “hey!  I know it’s a bother to take the two corgis, but why don’t I do that?  Cause that means I only have one dog walk to do and I’ve got a pretty full schedule, and after all, how hard can it be?” so then you DO take both the Cardigan Corgis at once (who are made out of concrete and have a very low center of gravity, which is why they are So Strong), and you get down tlhe block and discover that you have forgotten to put the muzzle (or, “face prison,” as we like to call it) on the young one who has fear aggression and goes berserk occasionally.


Well, as I say, that was exciting.  But we are home, and we are safe, and Gryffyn did not actually go berserk, though she did indeed try to bite her way through the leash a few times.  I did that Caesar Milan method of Being Calm and Zen Like and Knowing That My Dog Is Sane, thereby creating a reality in which Gryffyn could refrain from being dreadful.  And it kept me calm, at least, which was useful.

And now we have had our ice, which we get if we are corgis and we come home from the walk, and we are all sleeping, except for me, which is what we do if we are dogs at Nutwood after we have had our walk.

And for those of you who are working on Aventure, and learning to tell when we are having an aventure and when we are not, I would like to tell you that was NOT an aventure.  Aventure would be if I had noticed, before I went out the door, that Gryffyn did not have her face prison on, and had a feeling that the forces of the universe were allowing me a chance to let Gryffyn shine.  And then if I had said, “yes.  Let us try that, and go out the door in full consciousness and trust in the universe.”

Aventure is like that, when you consciously notice things and decide them.  Aventure is NOT when you go out the door not paying attention to anything and then discover that your inattention to detail has caused you to put yourself in a dicey position.

Consciousness.  Unconsciousness.  Different planets.

For the rest of the day, I’m aiming for more consciousness, less surprises.

Here is my favorite picture of the corgis, back when Gryffyn was a little puppy, and Rhys was teaching her how to play with sticks:

Rhys and Gryffyn

Darling, isn’t she?

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