Abbie the Cat is Dying

Just in today: Abbie the Cat, beloved occasional blogger, is dying from pancreatic cancer.  Still time to go over to the blog and say something nice to the owner of Abbie, who transcribes Abbie’s musings for us.

WordPress isn’t opening my hyperlink button, and I want this to go out NOW, so here’s the link:

From one of Abbie’s posts a few months ago:

“started typing my stories ten and a HAlf years ago
thats a mighty long time for a cat
some keyboards were easiert o use than others
anyway these stories are MINE
spent my time you see and I got em in return
and if the other saying you cant take it with you is true
then they stya here when I am gone
thats pretty good right
the Internet doesnt do a very good job of forgetting sometimes”

Hail and farewell, Abbie!