Enjoying Where We Are (Managing not to Scare Off Aventure)

I think it’s totally counterintuitive that the best way to change the circumstances we don’t like is by finding ways to enjoy our lives while we’re in them.

Now, that does NOT mean that we need to accept all things that come our way, never taking action, never working for good.  This is not about being passive.

It’s about knowing that even while we’re actively working to change our environment, our workplace, our relationships, it’s crucial that we notice what’s bearable, that we be grateful for what we can legitimately be thankful for, that we notice the bits of time and space that we enjoy.

Because, oddly, the happier we are about our lives, the more likely we are to notice ways to change them, the more likely we are to notice opportunities.

Oh, look!  We’re back to aventure!

The main take away here being that being desperate to notice aventure will keep it hidden.

Much like when we’re desperate for a partner, no one even wants to talk to us at the bar. When it’s near closing time.

We need to be living as fully as we can in the moment, in order to be attractive. 

So we can be glad to meet aventure, but let’s not scare it away by asking for its phone number too soon.