Brief Thoughts on Getting Healthy

Happy May Day! 

My friend Doug Sprague has a blog post up about the issues with getting healthy; he’s thinking about 1) how easy it is to compare ourselves to our mentors, which of course, can derail us easily; and 2) how obnoxious our friends and family can find us, when we start talking so much about our excellent journey and why they should be on it too.*  He’s got some good affirmations for these issues.  Thank you, Doug!

I’d add 3):  Getting Healthy, in whatever form it might take, involves changing.  And often, change looks better from the outside than it feels when we’re in the middle of it.  It’s scary.  It can be painful.  It means giving up some piece of our belief system, our notion about ourselves. 

And so, for all of us involved in working on our health:  let us be gentle with ourselves.  Let us move slowly, one day at a time.  Let us allow ourselves the room to shift not only our daily behaviors, but our deep beliefs.

A good sort of work for Bealtaine.


*As, for instance, if one started eating Paleo, although one had, in earlier years, been quite dismissive and even a bit snarky about it, but  took it up out of desperation as a method to deal with Restless Leg Syndrome, and then found that a whole bunch of other issues started getting better and even disappearing, even if the RLS still was hitting every day, and so started noticing that most of one’s friends and family had issues that might possible be relieved by the Paleo food template, but one tried not to mention this too much, except when people said, “what have you been doing?  You look great!” in which case one considered it Fair Game to explain about the Whole30.  That sort of thing.