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The Rail Runner: Yes and No

For the last couple of months Laura has been working at an internship up in Santa Fe, for a law firm that gives her nice lunches and treats her very well.  It’s a lovely job. But it entails commuting from Albuquerque

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In Which I Don’t Actually Talk About Food

So, I signed up for a sort of spiritual blogging bootcamp, in which they send you a topic every day, so that you can write about it.  And I got my topic this morning, and it’s now the middle of

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Teddy Now Scheduled for Surgery; House Getting Further Packed Up

We’ve given the go-ahead to the English Teddy Bear Surgeon, who is going to patch up Teddy’s ancient sheepskin so that his stuffing isn’t coming out of his head.  Dr. Dave (the Teddy Bear Surgeon), says that it’s not moths

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Teddy Goes Off On His Aventure

For those of you who’ve been paying attention to the Saga of Teddy, we have an update. (The picture is one that I sent the teddy bear hospital, so that they could figure out if he was beyond repair.) Never

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What a Surprise! It’s Snowing Again! In February! In Pittsburgh!

One thing this winter has taught me is that really the best plan is to NOT schedule regular medical exams and procedures in Pittsburgh winters before noon.  So far this winter I have had to cancel and reschedule five appointments. 

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In Which We Throw Out ALL The Stuff. Especially The Special Ancestral Stuff.

Since last I saw you, we have put the house on the market, getting ready to move.  Right now, it’s early in the season — so early, in fact, that we had to cancel the open house on Sunday because

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Becoming an Expert. One Day at at Time.

Over at Study Hacks, which if you read this blog often, you know I both adore and argue with often, Cal Newport is talking about his strong belief (and I’m with him here) that to become successful, we need expertise.

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Pittsburgh Bucket List

We’ve got 349 days left till our Giant Aventure: Let’s Move the Entire Menagerie to Albuquerque, according to the countdown clock.  I think it’s therefore time to figure out what I want to make sure I do in Pittsburgh, either

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Getting Involved

I’ve been consciously practicing getting involved when I see something that looks like it needs to be addressed — a dog wandering around in a neighborhood where I don’t usually see dogs, for instance, or a baby groundhog looking like

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Guest Post! Stephany Reihing, on ReThinking New Year’s Resolutions Mid-Year

The excellent young writer Stephany Reihing has been writing guest posts for various blogs, as part of her New Year’s Resolutions, and we’re lucky to have her posting here, on tweaking those resolutions in the middle of the year.  I

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