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Somebody Out There Is Making Prickly Pear Candy (But Not Me)

We’ve got a pretty big prickly pear cactus out in the front of the house — you can see it there on the right hand side, in front of the gate — and in my enthusiastic appreciation for the lovely house

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Oh, Logistics.

We spent about an hour this morning discussing the issue of lamps.  In order to make it safely to ABQ, the lamps need to be packed.  All of them need to have their bulbs removed and their shades packed separately;

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Teddy Now Scheduled for Surgery; House Getting Further Packed Up

We’ve given the go-ahead to the English Teddy Bear Surgeon, who is going to patch up Teddy’s ancient sheepskin so that his stuffing isn’t coming out of his head.  Dr. Dave (the Teddy Bear Surgeon), says that it’s not moths

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Secrets and Keeping Silence

It’s been a week all about secrets, for me.  First off, we listened in coven to a story from Diana’s Grove Mystery School, which included Cynthea’s brilliant work on secrets:  “The sin that haunts a secret,” she writes, “is not found in the desire

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On Not Being Productive

  I’ve started taking an online course from Pace and Kylie,  called “Peaceful Productivity.”  I love Pace and Kylie’s work; they’re funny and smart and loving and Full Of Good Ideas. So one of the first Good Ideas in the

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Welcome to Albuquerque, New Tenants!

In the process of the Giant Big Aventure concerning leaving tenure track jobs and moving to Albuquerque, we bought a house there.  And since we’re not actually going to be there till next year, we found tenants.  And they are

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Fun With Corgis

You want to know what’s exciting?  I’ll tell you what’s exciting.  Exciting is when you’re on your own, so you need to walk all the dogs yourself, but there are three of them, so you really need to do two

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Robins:1. Corgi:0.

Usually when Gryffyn catches wildlife in the backyard, which is more often than we’d like, the wildlife is down her throat and gone before we can do anything about it.  Or we do try to help, and then it drags

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It’s Raining

We woke up this morning to the sound of alarms on all the iPhones, alarming us with the news that we should watch out for the flash floods. EJ said he wouldn’t have minded the alarms if they hadn’t gone

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On Not Starting New Projects

I’ve been thinking about Marie Forleo’s post on how to start following through on projects, since I linked to it on Friday.  She’s got excellent advice on creating the follow-through habit, but I’ve been most intrigued by her last hint: don’t

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