The following classes are available, for private lessons or small groups.  Please contact me (there is a Contact link up at the top of the page) to discuss your interests, your background, and how we can best set up lessons.  All classes are $75, except for the class for dissertation students, which is $50.


Elements of Magic  — the traditional first class in the Reclaiming teaching tradition, it is structured by the elements of air, fire, water, earth, and spirit, and provides an introduction to working in the Craft

 metal star

Iron Pentacle — the traditional Reclaiming class teaching the Feri tool of Iron Pentacle, in which we explore the concepts of Sex, Self, Passion, Pride, and Power


Pearl Pentacle  — the Feri tool of the Pearl Pentacle, which is the Iron Pentacle moved into community: Love, Knowledge, Wisdom, Law, Liberty.

time swirl

Element of Time — my class on creating a relationship with Time as one of the sacred elements

Fool's Aventure

Fool’s Aventure: Tarot as a Door to the Otherworlds — my class on reading the Tarot; it is geared for beginners (though Tarot experts also enjoy it, I’m told)


Shamanic Tools of Magic for Dissertation Writers — my class for graduate students, to help create a non-devastating dissertation experience.  (Also useful for academic writers at a later stage who are still struggling with writing.)


Taking the Aventure — a class on learning how to notice the Aventures that come your way, and figuring out whether or not to take them.

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  1. Hi Pandora, this is Marla entering this information for Tiffany. I hope this is enough to get Tiff started with her computer/email contact with the Time work. She is the one making the stew and pointing to the signs of spring, so she should get some “credit” for it 😀

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