Year of Aventure Courses

Available to start on High Holidays:


Elements of Magic — starts May 1, 2016; next available will be June 19, 2016.



 metal star

Iron Pentacle — starts May 1, 2016; next available will be June 19, 2016.




Pearl Pentacle  — starts May 1, 2016; next available will start June 19, 2016.

time swirl

Element of Time — starts May 1, 2016; next available will start June 20, 2016.

Fool's Aventure

Fool’s Aventure: Tarot as a Door to the Otherworlds — starts May 1, 2016; next available will start June 20, 2016.


Ongoing and available to start at any time:


Shamanic Tools of Magic for Dissertation Writers



Taking the Aventure



20 comments on “Courses
  1. Tiffany McIndoe says:

    Hi Pandora, this is Marla entering this information for Tiffany. I hope this is enough to get Tiff started with her computer/email contact with the Time work. She is the one making the stew and pointing to the signs of spring, so she should get some “credit” for it 😀

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