No matter how brilliant, how creative, how spiritual we are, sometimes we get stuck, feel lost, or just want some help.  A coach will work with you in a partnership, to uncover the strengths you bring to the world, to define the values you live by, to clarify the vision of your life that you are moving towards, to address your challenges.

A coach can help you

  • strengthen your relationships
  • achieve your personal and business goals
  • improve your health
  • remember your joy

Coaching is not advice; nor is it therapy, consulting, or counseling.  In coaching, a trained and passionately involved observer listens to you, asking questions and mirroring truths in such a way that you are enabled to empower yourself.  You are accountable for moving forward; I am accountable for making the space for insights, and providing challenges.  I am committed to assisting your transformation, grounded in your deep and true self.

Life coaching is about your wholeness, your values, your strengths, your aspirations, your work, your relationships, your inner life, your spiritual life. Though we will indeed work on action plans, and though we will indeed see concrete changes in your daily life, we will start with discovering your own terrain.  Within you lies the wisdom, the strength, the vision needed to make clear decisions and profoundly enrich the story of your life.  As a coach, my job is to help you uncover these resources.

We can meet in person or on the phone, making scheduling easy, no matter where you live.

Contact me for a free 30 minute consultation, so that we can discuss your plans, and decide whether we want to work together.