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What Breaking Bad Missed

Yeah, yeah, you all already saw all of Breaking Bad, like, when it was actually running.  But my method of watching tv shows is mostly to wait until they are over, and then watch Netflix streaming while I’m working.  Late

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My Worst Job (But I Never Got Fired!)

Over at the blogging boot camp (which I sorta go in and out of; I mean, we’re told it’s ok to only to post three times a week instead of 7, which is how many prompts we get, but I

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How Do We Write?

Oh, joy!  I went back into my RSS feeds, in order to come up to speed for blogging, and found this post from Cal Newport about How Novelists Get Work Done.  Newport is — to my great interest — always

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Road Trip. With Circus.

I’m in Oklahoma City now, resting from the second day of traveling with two cats and two birds.  We’ll be in Albuquerque tomorrow afternoon.  In the meantime, the cats are resting in their crates (they chose that; I thought they’d

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Albuquerque Blogs

As the move back home approaches, I’ve been migrating various internet contents over to the new address.  (If you’re connected to me on Facebook, for instance, you might notice that I now live in Albuquerque!  Not really.  Two weeks to go.)

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Chaucer’s Latest Poem: Herein We See the Difference Between Adaptation and Parody, In Case You Get Confused

Nice to know that Geoff is still working!  We hadn’t heard from him since May, but last week, I see, on checking his blog, he posted his latest poem, which, in true Chaucerian fashion, is an reworking of a reworking

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Guest Post! Stephany Reihing, on ReThinking New Year’s Resolutions Mid-Year

The excellent young writer Stephany Reihing has been writing guest posts for various blogs, as part of her New Year’s Resolutions, and we’re lucky to have her posting here, on tweaking those resolutions in the middle of the year.  I

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Proud Parent of Friction Heart

 I take my parenting seriously.  No, really, even if I did use Bad Language even when my son was young (he used to exclaim, when annoyed, “oh, bad word I’m not allowed to say!” but now he just says them), and

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Abbie the Cat is Dying

Just in today: Abbie the Cat, beloved occasional blogger, is dying from pancreatic cancer.  Still time to go over to the blog and say something nice to the owner of Abbie, who transcribes Abbie’s musings for us. WordPress isn’t opening

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Deep Work

Cal Newport has recently posted a technique for setting up what he calls “deep work” sessions, a technique that seems very useful indeed.  His picture of how he uses the technique isn’t very illuminating, though, at least to me; here’s

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