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No! New! Roads!

Urban Albuquerque has a well written and clearly explanatory blog up, arguing for no more new roads in Albuquerque, and particularly not the new plan for the Paseo del Volcan project, which, as you can see if you click on

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Things I Know About Alice

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about Alice — she of the Wonderland and Looking Glass fame. This is appropriate:  It’s the 150th anniversary of the original text.  Happy Birthday, Alice!   I first read the books when I was

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Heavenly Creatures

Laura and I have been, over the years, reading detective novel series at about the same time — we’re not reading the same book at the same time, we pass them on to each other, but we’re reading in the

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Meeting Spiritual People

Oh, joy!  Today, in blogging boot camp, we’re blogging about Meeting Spiritual People, and Do We Have Advice. Yes.  Yes, I do. My advice is specifically for those times when you are meeting spiritual people by inviting a bunch of them over

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A Proposed Sacred Desert Tree Alphabet

I’ve been taking a class in Ogham from Raven Edgewalker for a few weeks now, focusing on the Celtic Tree Alphabet.  This has been a great deal of fun. My own little project has been to translate, as far as

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Oh, Logistics.

We spent about an hour this morning discussing the issue of lamps.  In order to make it safely to ABQ, the lamps need to be packed.  All of them need to have their bulbs removed and their shades packed separately;

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Totally Don’t Need This. And Yet.

On my Facebook feed this morning, I found this gem, posted by a friend:   It is an Airstream Trailer.  And if you go to this link, you can see all its details, including its hardwood floors, its handcrafted wooden

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Teddy Now Scheduled for Surgery; House Getting Further Packed Up

We’ve given the go-ahead to the English Teddy Bear Surgeon, who is going to patch up Teddy’s ancient sheepskin so that his stuffing isn’t coming out of his head.  Dr. Dave (the Teddy Bear Surgeon), says that it’s not moths

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Poetry Slam for Brigid!

Though I’m a day late on the annual Poetry Slam for Brigid, the goddess of healing, smithcraft, and poetry, I’m chiming in now.  She’ll forgive me.  I was busy yesterday with getting the house ready for people to come through

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In Which We Throw Out ALL The Stuff. Especially The Special Ancestral Stuff.

Since last I saw you, we have put the house on the market, getting ready to move.  Right now, it’s early in the season — so early, in fact, that we had to cancel the open house on Sunday because

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