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What Breaking Bad Missed

Yeah, yeah, you all already saw all of Breaking Bad, like, when it was actually running.  But my method of watching tv shows is mostly to wait until they are over, and then watch Netflix streaming while I’m working.  Late

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Meeting Spiritual People

Oh, joy!  Today, in blogging boot camp, we’re blogging about Meeting Spiritual People, and Do We Have Advice. Yes.  Yes, I do. My advice is specifically for those times when you are meeting spiritual people by inviting a bunch of them over

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My Worst Job (But I Never Got Fired!)

Over at the blogging boot camp (which I sorta go in and out of; I mean, we’re told it’s ok to only to post three times a week instead of 7, which is how many prompts we get, but I

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A Proposed Sacred Desert Tree Alphabet

I’ve been taking a class in Ogham from Raven Edgewalker for a few weeks now, focusing on the Celtic Tree Alphabet.  This has been a great deal of fun. My own little project has been to translate, as far as

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In Which I Don’t Actually Talk About Food

So, I signed up for a sort of spiritual blogging bootcamp, in which they send you a topic every day, so that you can write about it.  And I got my topic this morning, and it’s now the middle of

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Teddy Comes Home

Above you see a row of bears, including Teddy, who has returned safely from his surgery in England.  From the left, that’s the Harrod’s 2000 Millennium Bear, Teddy the World Traveler, French Bear (with his charming red beret), and Black

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Friday Link Fest

Good morning! Here are baby goats practicing their balancing acts on The Most Patient Horse Evar. Do not put your Chihuahua in the bathtub, as if it gets stuck, you’re going to have to replace the whole shebang. All that

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In Which I Get Obsessed With MOOC

So here’s what I do, sometimes, while I’m working:  I have Coursera on in the background.  Well, and sometimes I just sit and listen to it. If you haven’t run across Coursera yet, it’s one of the online sites that

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Morning Dog Walk and Balloons

I took a picture this morning of one of the views on our morning dog walk, which follows the perimeter of the UNM North Golf Course, but I’m not happy with it.  I may try again later.  What I wanted

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How Do We Write?

Oh, joy!  I went back into my RSS feeds, in order to come up to speed for blogging, and found this post from Cal Newport about How Novelists Get Work Done.  Newport is — to my great interest — always

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