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No! New! Roads!

Urban Albuquerque has a well written and clearly explanatory blog up, arguing for no more new roads in Albuquerque, and particularly not the new plan for the Paseo del Volcan project, which, as you can see if you click on

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Geni Hits 100 Million, the genealogy site with the “let’s create a World Tree” goal, has hit 100 million profiles.  Hurrah!   I love Geni, and I’m on the site regularly.  Since they made me a curator, that’s only right, really.  I have

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Things I Know About Alice

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about Alice — she of the Wonderland and Looking Glass fame. This is appropriate:  It’s the 150th anniversary of the original text.  Happy Birthday, Alice!   I first read the books when I was

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The Old Town Skirmish

During the Civil War, New Mexico was not, really, to be truthful, an important field of operations.  At least, not much, and not for long.  We did indeed see some action — the Confederates invaded the territory with the goal of, eventually,

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The Rail Runner: Yes and No

For the last couple of months Laura has been working at an internship up in Santa Fe, for a law firm that gives her nice lunches and treats her very well.  It’s a lovely job. But it entails commuting from Albuquerque

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Post-Holiday Errands

So there was December, and I was ill and all, and there were holidays, and it was busy, and what with one thing and all a Bunch Of Stuff did not get done. And now it’s the new year!  Hooray! 

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Heavenly Creatures

Laura and I have been, over the years, reading detective novel series at about the same time — we’re not reading the same book at the same time, we pass them on to each other, but we’re reading in the

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Let’s All Ask Ourselves: Does This Actually Fit In My Truck?

One of the things we’ve noticed, now that we live in Albuquerque, is that it’s apparently the custom here to stack all sorts of items in the back of your pickup truck, neglect to tie them down — or, conversely, tie them

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Somebody Out There Is Making Prickly Pear Candy (But Not Me)

We’ve got a pretty big prickly pear cactus out in the front of the house — you can see it there on the right hand side, in front of the gate — and in my enthusiastic appreciation for the lovely house

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Update on Some Dolls

Here’s what I’ve been doing in my spare time lately: getting the small but well loved doll collection into shape. Some examples follow, for those of you interested.  First, the oldest (and most magical) of the dolls, Emily, a china

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