About Anne Brannen

Anne BrannenI am deeply committed to your true empowerment, by which I mean a transformation of your life at all levels — work, relationships, spirit — grounded in your own true self.  That’s the transformation that is solid, that is trustworthy, and that can be sustained.

I’m qualified to help in this process by my professional coach training, in a program fully accredited by the International Coach Federation.

I’ve also been a lifelong devotee of aventure, long before I knew the name for it.  A flyer fell out of a gym locker I opened, and led me to classes that changed my life.  A chance conversation sent me to a program that gave me new skills, and a new business.  An unexpected offer came in the mail right after I said I intended to change my life, and I resigned a tenured position as a professor (a job I loved) in order to start a new life.  If you’re interested in learning how to live by aventure, I’ve been there,  I love it, and I can help.

If you are interested in transforming your spiritual experience, I have been, for more than 30 years now, working in the Reclaiming branch of the Feri tradition, am an initiate of both, and have taught the craft in classes, weekend intensives, and weeklong witch camps in California, Missouri, Vancouver, London, and Frankfort.

If you are interested in transforming your academic experience, I also have a doctorate in medieval literature, from the University of California at Berkeley, and for 20 years have taught medieval literature, drama, and poetry, at Duquesne University.  I am familiar with the academic life both as a graduate student, and as a professor.

I am also a writer:  my poetry has appeared in such venues as New Mexican Poetry Review, Literary Mama, Fickle Muses, and Cabinet de Fées.  My first chapbook, Finishing the Milky Way, is now making the rounds.   From 2003 to 2007, I wrote the beloved knitting and humor blog, “Creating Text(iles).” From around 1984 to 1990, I wrote the humor column “Hannah’s Household Hints,” under the name Pandora O’Mallory, for the Reclaiming Newsletter.

 I currently live with my wife and teenaged son in Edgewood, a borough on the eastern border of Pittsburgh, in a large house built in 1870, not by one of the Pittsburghean robber barons, but by some nice guy unknown to history, who owned a brass foundry in the city and took the train in every morning at 6:00 AM.  The current household gets up early in the morning, too, but that’s only because the corgis demand to be let out. Otherwise everybody would stay in bed.

Life in Pittsburgh, as a professor, is full and wonderful and good, and I’m leaving it, to coach full time, and to live in Albuquerque.  I know about having the courage to make big changes, and the patience to make them as sanely as possible.

Anne Brannen, Ph.D., P.C.

Member, International Coach Federation and Pittsburgh Coaches Association