Creativity and Money. Balancing Act.

The latest from Marie Forleo is all about how to balance being an artist — any kind of artist — with needing to make a living.  Refreshingly, it’s NOT about finding a good day job and making art on the side; it’s about balancing creativity and true vision with what customers want.  Sane and grounded.  The embedded video is well worth watching all the way through — but if you’re short on time, the essence is: 1) Your job as an artist is to create; some of your stuff will be great, some not so much; 2) If you’re making a living off being an artist, paying attention to what sells and what doesn’t is just smart; 3) And again, if you’re making a living off being an artist, sometimes you just have to do what you have to do.  (Hence that Brad Pitt add for Chanel.)  So that might mean making more of the popular stuff you sell on Etsy, so that you can continue to make the things that matter more to you than to your customers.

Art, she says, is a dialogue, not a monologue.

I love this notion of balancing one’s inner vision, and true creative force, with the feedback from the outside world.  It reminds me of how, if we’re learning how to come into our power, for instance, we learn to balance our speaking out of our inner truths with the spaces we are in, and the people we are with.  We don’t create anything in a vacuum; we’re always, in all our creativity, in all our jobs, in all our relationships, balancing our inner voices with the outer voices.