Teddy Goes Off On His Aventure

teddy to edit (480x640)For those of you who’ve been paying attention to the Saga of Teddy, we have an update. (The picture is one that I sent the teddy bear hospital, so that they could figure out if he was beyond repair.)

Never heard back from the teddy bear hospital in England that says it can repair sheepskin.  Could NOT make an appointment with the local teddy bear hospital, which didn’t really think they could deal with sheepskin anyway, so probably no loss.

But!  Found a cheerful teddy bear hospital in Lyme Regis, Dorset, which actually answered emails, said yes, they thought that they could work on the sweet little bear, and even have pictures on their site of other vintage sheepskin teddies they have rehabilitated.  I also asked them if they could tell what sort of bear he is, as I have no idea — he’s 57 years old, made out of sheepskin, and has little bells inside that ring when he’s moved.  They think he might be a Chad Valley Tinka Belle, which would be amusing, as if so, he’s going back home for surgery.  But I dunno.  I look at pictures of vintage bears, and none of them look like Teddy, and all of them do.  I am no expert.  Here’s a link to the bear I found that looks most like teddy.  Rare and quirky,  Yep.

So Teddy has been sent off international priority mail.  It is a great aventure, and I hope he comes back safely.  I know he’s not afraid of the surgery, though, since at the beginning of our relationship, more than 50 years ago, he was there for mine. 

(Why are sheepskin bears so difficult to repair that you might have to mail them overseas if you wanted them stitched up?  Because the sheepskin gets brittle over time, and shatters when you try to sew it.  From what I can tell, Alice’s Bear Hospital is patching the sheepskin bears.  Makes sense to me.)