On Not Starting New Projects

I’ve been thinking about Marie Forleo’s post on how to start following through on projects, since I linked to it on Friday.  She’s got excellent advice on creating the follow-through habit, but I’ve been most intrigued by her last hint: don’t start new projects till you finish the ones you started.

What.  The.  Hell.

Now, this advice makes a lot of sense to me, and really, I think it’s Very Good Advice, such as should be followed,  By me, even.  But I don’t.

Now, to be fair, I do indeed actually finish things.  I’ve got lots of finished projects around the house or hanging out on the C.V. 

But I don’t finish everything.  AND I start new projects all the time.  In fact, I came home from witchcamp this week all fired up about sewing new clothes and costumes, and bought some patterns.  Despite the fact that I’ve got some projects on the sewing table.

And I’ve got several writing projects in the pipeline, and several books I’m in the middle of reading.  Also several sweaters on the needles, and embroidery projects in the frames.

Here’s what I think:  I think it’s important to know when to throw projects out.  Not everything we start SHOULD get followed-through on.  Some stuff should get left behind.

I’ve been practicing this.  I’m 59 now; I figure I’ve got at the most 40 years left.  I look at projects, and I say, do I really think I’m going to finish this in the next 40 years?  Maybe it was a project that properly belonged somewhere in the first 5 decades.

And if not, I throw it out.  This is awesome.

But I like this idea, of not starting new ones till I actually finish more of the things I really want to finish.

Cause I hate the idea of leaving the planet with a garage full of stuff that Drew will have to throw out, just cause I was his mom.